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ConnectedGlobe is pleased to offer its readers links to a wide range of excellent hotels throughout Latin America. By using our special links to one of the leading hotel reservations companies, you can obtain excellent discounted prices without compromising on service or quality.
Hotels are available in the following locations
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There is no doubt that cheap holidays, using scheduled flights by major international airlines and high quality hotels, are available through the internet. However, as with all bargain hunting, it is important to make sure you are really getting a good deal. ConnectedGlobe has carefully selected its partners to ensure that our readers really do get a bargain.

The hotel booking agent is Agoda, one of the leading hotel reservation companies offering heavily discounted prices at leading hotels.

Check the prices obtainable here and compare them with other web sites. You may find cheaper prices but not for the same quality. Of course, cheaper prices are always available for unreliable charter flights and seedy hotels. But for true value you will find it hard to beat the discounted hotel rooms and discounted flights available through the links on this page. Wherever in Latin America, you will find your best value in hotels and flights on this page.

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