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Air China is the largest commercial airline in China. It has a growing reputation for high levels of service combined with a traditional Chinese welcome. Their logo, the phoenix, is a symbol of good fortune and based on an artistic perception of the letters "VIP". The Phoenix is a divine bird in the Chinese legend and has been adored by the Chinese people since ancient times. According to the record in Shan Hai Jing, the Phoenix is born in an oriental country called Junzi and flies across the great Kunlun Mountain and over all of the oceans. Wherever she flies, she brings luck and peace. The color of the logo is the traditional Chinese red which implies luckiness, roundness, auspiciousness, happiness. It expresses Air China’s sincere passion of serving the society and the endless pursuit of the safety.

Air China has business offices in 21 domestic cities and representative offices in 9 American cities, 15 European cities and in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.

You can find a list of their Chinese offices, with contact details, on

and International offices on

I flew to Beijing from London on an Air China flight and was very impressed by the level of service and the efficiency of the whole operation. We took off and landed on time, the food and in-flight service were good and the staff very polite and helpful. Incidentally, I am not connected with Air China!

Air China is the sole airline partner of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Air China has made a huge investment in the innovation of hardware and software equipment. The first class and business class seats of 15 wide body long distance planes like B747-400, B747-400COMB1 and A340-300 have been upgraded so they can fully recline. The entertainment services have been upgraded as well.

Air China has a team of pilots and flight attendants with excellent business and service skills. Among the 2600 Air China pilots, there are 131 meritorious pilots who have piloted more than 20,000 hours safely, and 542 golden prize pilots who have piloted more than 16,000 hours safely.

You can also visit the Air China website or one of their many country-specific websites which are listed on the Fly Air China web site.

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