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The Plain Of Jars, Laos
In this interesting and sometimes poignant article, Chris Mitchell explores the Plain of Jars. As he says at the beginning: The Plain Of Jars is probably South East Asia's most enigmatic tourist attraction. Situated in the remote north east of Laos, the mountainous communist country which has only been open to tourists for just over a decade, are hundreds of huge stone jars scattered across several square miles. While most ancient Asian sites, such as the Angkor temples in Cambodia, have revealed many of their secrets, historians are still completely baffled as to where the jars came from, how old they are and what they signify. They are, in short, jars of a deeply spooky nature. Chris goes on to describe his visit, with many interesting asides and observations. Well worth a visit on:
Plain of Jars
A very different account of travel in Laos, illustrated with excellent photographs and written with Bernhard Heiser's usual dry humour and attention to detail. The trip starts with some excitement when the bus crashes - "The other passengers have to climb out of the windows, we simply jump off the roof" - but no damage done and the trip makes excellent reading. The photographs alone are worth a look, but the text really conveys the flavour of Laos. See the article on this link
Eric and Joan in Laos
A great travelogue, well written by Eric with asides by Joan. They make cycling across Laos sound such fun that I am quite tempted to have a go myself. And it's better than the bus. Eric relates the story of a bus journey made by a couple they met: Actually Cok and Ellie's bus ride sounded somewhat bad. A few hours out of Luang Prabang it broke down. The driver said he could fix it in 20 minutes. Seven hours later they were still stuck. But it sounded like the tourists on the bus made the most of it. People from a nearby village came out and brought them food, and the tourists had a great time making friends with them. Still, it's all good fun and this travelogue is full of fun. Although the site is no longer available it is still preserved, as usual, on the Internet Archive. Well worth a read on:
Eric & Joan
I like this site for its comprehensiveness and eccentricity. It tells you a great deal about Laos and also contains some fascinating items. There is a section on dinosaur bones and a section on railways which includes the statement "In Bane khonetai village, the old engine of the train is preserved by the local administration and people to show to foreigners as evidence that laos also has had a railway like other countries." The site is really useful and Laos certainly sounds an interesting place to visit. Visit this site and be fascinated!.
The number of languages listed for Laos is 82. Of those, all are living languages. They range from Lao, spoken by 5 million people, to Pu Ko, spoken in only two villages. If you are interested in languages, the ethnologue site is fascinating.
For comprehensive information on Laos you will find the best source is the the ConnectedGlobe Laos page which will guide you through the most useful information available.

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