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A search for information about Thailand on the web yields hundreds of results, many of them of questionable quality. The information below has been carefully selected and includes summaries so that you can concentrate on just the information you want.
The Thailand Travel Guide contains all the essential information the traveller to Thailand needs. As well as the usual maps, climate, transportation and hotels sections, there are informative details about Etiquette, Visas, Dining, Shopping and even Elephant Training! I recommend this site as a first stop for all travellers thinking of visiting Thailand. You can find it at:
Particularly important in these turbulent times is strict compliance with the visa and customs regulations of the country. There are plenty of pages on the web that wil give you bits of this information, but I think the most omplete and readable version is on a site (in English) slanted slightly towards German travellers but very useful for any traveller. The site is an excellent site about the islands of Thailand to be found at, but for the Visa and Customs part see the Passports and Visas page (halfway down the page) at:
A slightly different approach can be found on the EcoExplorer site. Here you will find information on many aspects of Thai culture and a section on understanding the Thais in Thailand. You will also find a picture gallery (more of the visitors than the visited!) and a guide to ecological and sustainable tourism. You will find all this at:
A good source of further information on thailand can be found in our very own Thai Air News. This free newsletter brings you the latest news about Thai Airways and information on all the countries of South East Asia. All back issues are available on our web site, together with a link to register for the newsletter. You will find it at:
If it's backpacking you're into, don't forget to visit the Backpack Thailand site, which contains lots of information and tips about backpacking. As it says on the site "This the first fully interactive online Thailand travel guide where you, the backpackers and independent travellers get to tell how it really is. Budget accommodation, attractions, even the price of beer, let your fellow travelers know!". You will find it at:
The "Thailand Photo Album" siteis worth a visit. Just select a place from the drop down menu at the top. The site has more than just pictures. There are free "ebooks" to download as well.
You can find an archive copy of this site (the original has disappeared) at:
There are many good books on Thailand and I haven't read them all. However, I do recommend Frommer's Thailand, 5th Ed which is an excellent guide well written by someone who lives in Thailand. For a wide range of other books on Thailand click here.

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